Let's Reduce the Cost of Health Care in Maryland

If you've found this site, you're probably concerned about the high cost of health care. So are we at the Maryland Health Care Commission, and that's why we've created a website to help consumers learn more about the cost of care in our state.

While there's no silver bullet to fixing our health care system, and reducing the high cost of care, we know that price transparency is part of the solution.

For example, our site will tell you what it costs to get a knee replacement at a hospital on the Eastern Shore. It will also show you which Baltimore-area hospital has the highest and lowest costs for a vaginal delivery. And, it will show you how these hospitals compare when it comes to the quality of care for these episodes. WearTheCost.org has all of this information, and much more.

So far, we're providing this information for four episodes of care: hip replacement, knee replacement, vaginal delivery, and hysterectomy. But that's just the beginning. Over the next year, and into the future, the Maryland Health Care Commission will add many more episodes so you can shop for better value in our health care system.

Now that you know the cost, help us spread the word about cost and quality to your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Email us at info@WeartheCost.org for a “Wear the Cost” T-shirt that displays the cost of an episode of care. It's a great conversation starter, and don't be surprised if a stranger stops you to talk about their difficulty finding out the cost, or how they felt after receiving an unexpectedly high bill.

Help us spark a dialog about healthcare cost and quality. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Together, we can do something about the high cost of care.