The average cost of Hysterectomy under insurance in Maryland is
But it should be less.

Lowest cost among listed hospitals:
Highest cost among listed hospitals:
* Based on 2020/2021, Medicaid insurance provider data

That's a pretty big difference.

Let's talk about that.

Sometimes prices, especially inpatient facility costs, are just higher.
Not only that, the overall cost of Hysterectomy can be higher because of .

Showing data for: Medicaid insurance provider, 2020/2021

Average total costs by hospital:

Expected Care

The care you expect to pay for during Hysterectomy:

  • Consultation before surgery
  • Radiology and lab tests
  • Surgery
  • Nursing care after surgery
  • Doctor visit after discharge

Potentially Avoidable Complications

The care you don't expect to pay for during Hysterectomy, called "Potentially Avoidable Complications":

  • Bleeding after surgery
  • Infection at the wound
  • Infection in the urine
  • Pressure ulcers or bed sores
  • Clots in leg veins

For example, getting an infection in the hospital is a and can add as much as $20,000 to the cost of a single patient's care.

Hospital Name
Cost for care you expect to pay for
Cost for care you don't expect to pay for
Average Total Cost

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Hospitals are listed if they had a certain number of of care that took place within the specific timeframe and population studied. Read more...

Here's another way to look at

events can also be used to produce a quality performance measure for each hospital. The rate is the share of a hospital's patient that included one or more complications. Readmission rate is also a measure of quality. Read more about potentially avoidable complications and readmission rates.

Showing data for: Medicaid insurance provider, 2020/2021

  • Each circle represents a physician, hospital, or health system
  • * Size represents the number of patients treated

Rising costs and affect everyone in Maryland.

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